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What is Soda Blasting?


In a nutshell, Soda Blasting is the process of cleaning or stripping the surface of a product with baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), which is blasted onto the surface with compressed air. This process is extremely effective for removing paint, grease, carbon, etc from almost any surface with the benefit of not damaging the underlying substrate. The Sodium Bicarbonate used is the same purity and grade that can be found in many households, apart from the grain size which is slightly larger. When the sodium bicarbonate particles are blasted via specialised compressed air equipment, energy is released as the particles explode which in turn clean and strip the surface they are being applied to. As sodium bicarbonate is non corrosive and does not generate any heat, soda blasting is perfect for use on delicate surfaces, as it will not pit or warp the substrate material.

The process of SodaBlasting was first developed in 1972, when engineers in the United States were trying to develop a method of cleaning the Statue of Liberty which would not damage the surface and be environmentally friendly. From this process Soda blasting was born and has since been used around the world as an effective environmentally friendly cleaning process that works on almost any surface.

Depending on the surface that needs to be cleaned, the pressure used can be vary from between 20 - 150 pounds per square inch. The ability to adjust pressure between such a large range allows the most stubborn or delicate of materials to be cleaned.

DK SodaBlasting use the most efficient range of machinery on the market today, all our machines have been specifically manufactured with the highest of standards and are configured to use the highest quality of Soda. This ensures the best possible results and most efficient use, saving time and money.

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