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Soda Blasting Services

Our mobile Soda Blasting operation can come to you and clean virtually any surface without damage to the underlying substrate, making it ideal for many different industries. We have indepth experience in all the areas below and use only the latest, most efficient machinery, ensuring each job is done quickly and to exacting standards.

Car Restoration


Perfect for car restorations, soda blasting is gentle enough not to damage the underlying substrate when stripping paint and its brilliant at degreasing engines and parts!

  • Quickly and easily strip paint from surfaces without affecting substrate
  • As Soda Blasting is non abrasive, minimal masking is needed as there will be no damage to glass or rubber
  • No warping or pitting will occur
  • Easily degrease engines and parts without the need for solvents and cleanup!
  • Remove hydrocarbon deposits
  • clean or strip hard or soft surfaces
  • No trapping of abrasive
  • No damage to Aluminium parts, including wheels, precision parts, etc
  • Perfect for cleaning, engine heads, alternators, starter motors, water pumps and more



DK SodaBlasting can come to you and clean the hull of your boat or any other marine equipment.

  • Soda Blasting can easily remove layers of old paint in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods
  • Antifoul removal
  • Safely remove bilge oil buildup, old paint and exposes blisters
  • Will not penetrate any protective gel coat
  • The process is environmentally friendly, using little or no water
  • Cost effective

Public Works - Monuments


With our mobile operation, DK Soda Blasting can easily come to you. There is no better way to effectively clean monuments, statues or public works and its environmentally friendly with little cleanup.

  • Quickly and easily remove graffiti
  • Remove years of pollution build-up, staining, paint and rust from almost any surface
  • As the process is non corrosive and non abrasive it will not damage the underlying surface
  • Easily the best method of restoring Sandstone and Marble monuments
  • Environmentally friendly, little or no cleanup, water soluble
  • Cost effective

Graffiti Removal


When you need to clean-up graffiti, our mobile operation is the perfect answer. We can come to you and quickly cleanup graffiti from almost any surface.

  • Easily and quickly remove graffiti from almost any surface
  • Removes chewing gum from footpaths and other surfaces
  • Environmentally friendly, no use of corrosive chemicals or water
  • Soda blasting can effectively remove graffiti from brickwork, concrete, metal, wood, glass, aluminium, PVC and many more surfaces
  • Extremely cost effective in comparison to other graffiti cleanup methods

Fire and Flood


Soda blasting can help in many areas of the cleanup process with Fire and flood damage.

  • Easily remove soot from brickwork
  • No water is needed, making it perfect for internal cleanups
  • Bicarbonate Soda is a natural deodoriser which will help eliminate odours
  • Our mobile operation can come to you and is perfect for areas that are hard to get to
  • Quickly removes contaminants
  • Very effective on cleaning mould
  • The process will not damage metal, glass, timber, PVC or other surfaces
  • Cost effective and quick!



We can help maintain your Industrial and commercial machinery by easily and efficiently cleaning equipment onsite.

  • Easily remove dirt, oil and grease residue from machinery without the use of water or solvents
  • There is no harm to bearings, seals, packing’s, gaskets, metals or glass as the process is not abrasive and non corrosive
  • Check welding joints for cracks by stripping paint around joints, without any damage to the surface
  • No sparks or heat are generated during the Soda Blasting process, making it safe
  • Easily access machines onsite and hard to reach places



DK Soda Blasting's mobile operation can help with your building maintenance. We are located in the Western Suburbs of Sydney and service all the surrounding areas, no job is too big or small!

  • The process very quickly removes all paint and any other contaminates from mortar and brickwork, leaving the surface looking brand new
  • Extremely effective for removing paint and grime build-up on Sanstone walls
  • Very effective when preparing old walls for rendering
  • Easily remove paint, graffiti, grease and oil from brickwork, concrete, wood, etc
  • Virtually no preparation or clean up required
  • Bicarbonate of Soda is completely water soluble and environmentally friendly

Commercial Food Industry


Perfect for cleaning all commercial kitchen and food processing machinery from build-ups of grease, grime and backed on residue. Sodium Bicarbonate us is 100% food grade quality, avoiding the use of nasty chemicals and the worry of contamination.

  • Using baking soda will effectively deep clean all surfaces from grease, oil, grime and baked on residue built up over time
  • The process is quick and efficient, reducing production down time
  • Our mobile operation can come to you and easily get to those hard to reach places
  • No harm to machinery or surfaces and with easy cleanup



There are many uses around the house where Soda Blasting can help cleanup!

  • Cleaning the driveway or paving from oil, moss, stains, built up grime
  • Rejuvenate wood work, ready for re-painting or just cleaning those exposed wooden beams
  • Remove paint from brickwork and bringing it back to a natural state
  • Virtually any surface can be cleaned without damage


Hey Kris,

Just wanted to say a quick thanks for coming out and removing the graffiti so quickly from our workshop wall. It looks good as new, hopefully i wont need to get you out again any time soon but i know who to call if it happens again!
Rob, Punchbowl
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