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Automotive Restoration

Soda Blasting is extremely efficient on all types of automotive, mechanical and marine restoration or clean-up, from degreasing engines to stripping paint from cars and boats.

Marine Restoration

DK Soda Blasting can come to your marina or boat yard and efficiently clean or remove paint form the hull of your boat without damaging the underlying surface, also perfect for antifoul removal.

Construction, Building work and Maintenance

DK Soda Blasting can come to your premises and quickly remove paint from brickwork or masonry, as well as cleaning up graffiti, fire damage and many more applications.

Cleaning Kitchen equipment - Commercial Food Industry

Safely clean kitchen, food preparation and cooking equipment without the fear of using chemicals. Soda Blasting is 100% non toxic and safe to use in food preparation environments without the worry of contamination.

Woodwork Restoration

SodaBlasting is the easy way to strip layers of paint or laquer from wood without damaging the surface, making it great for furniture restoration, restoring decking, wooden beams, etc.

Graffiti Removal

SodaBlasting can effectively remove Graffiti from all surfaces, including brick and concrete walls, glass, roller doors and more.


There are many areas in the construction industry where SodaBlasting can be used effectively, such as cleaning large machinery, stripping paint from weld joints to check for fractures, degreasing engines and many more.

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