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DK Soda Blasting cleaned up this old army motorbike engine in one quick session. Soda Blasting blasting is ideal for cleaning engines, with no preparation needed.
Soda Blasting is the most efficient way for stripping paint from bricks and brickwork, leaving the bricks in their natural state with no damage.
DK SodaBlasting completely stripped the paint from this Dodge Phoenix in preparation for a full restoration.

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What is Soda Blasting?

SodaBlasting is a cleaning technique using Soda & compressed air to remove debris from practically any surface. More effective & better than Sand Blasting. Find out more

DK Soda Blasting Sydney

Sodablasting is an excellent alternative to Sandblasting, it will not damage the underlying substrate and can be used on any surface

DK Soda blasting is a completely mobile operation that can come to you! We operate throughout the suburbs of Sydney and are a capable of cleaning / stripping paint, grease, grime or soot removal from virtually any surface. The process involves using a coarse grade of Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) and blasting this onto a surface using compressed air. The Soda used is the same purity as common baking soda found in many homes, it is essentially the same apart from slightly courser particle sizes. Due to its non-toxic and non hazardous properties, Sodblasting is one of the most environmentally friendly processes for cleaning surfaces. In addition the process of soda blasting does not damage the underlying surface of any material, due to its non abrasive properties and low pressure application.

Soda Blasting is an excellent degreasing agent, there is no pre-degreasing needed, the removal of seals or bearings is not necessary. As there is no heat generated during the process and bicarbonate of soda is non corrosive there will be no warping or pitting of material.

The applications for this cleaning process are endless, from stripping paint off cars, brickwork, bitumen, concrete, wood, glass or simply degreasing an engine!

As the material is 100% food grade baking soda and is non-hazardos, the process of soda blasting is also very useful in the commercial kitchen or catering industry, where it can be used to clean cooking equipment safely.


Dear Kris,

Thanks for your time and patience explaining exactly what Soda Blasting is, i must admit i hadnt heard of it before but i am a complete convert now!! I cant believe how quickly and effectively it stripped the paint from my old fiat topolino. Its great to see this old chariot coming back to life.

Thanks again, i've already passed on your details to a mate of mine at the car club who will need your services soon.

David Baxter, Merrylands
Thanks for a brilliant job on our rear wooden deck, it was looking really unloved before. I cant believe how quick it was and how good it now looks, just in time for summer!
Phillip, Ashcroft
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